Am I the only one who thinks Maia looks like Debbie Ryan in this movie? Mostly because the fact that she has TOO much makeup on. I like her better when she’s natural :)

I feel the bikers didn’t get much attention in the movie.
I spent the time learning 5 minutes of this musical after my daughter kept listening to it. Can you help it get more than 11 notes?

Check it out, it’s amazing!

um if youre a teen beach movie blog, why do you post raura shit on it?

Yeah, these aren’t my confessions so I’m just posting what people send me. And Raura shit? Just because the Raura shippers don’t have a great history with Raia shippers doesn’t mean that it’s shit.


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I’m a generation ahead of you guys. I’m from the Lizzie McGuire generation. I only watched this movie because I love the Fosters & saw that Maia was it. This movie is pretty damn awesome. But y’all are annoying at hating on Maia because of “Raura”? It’s a movie. Enjoy it. Sheeeesh. So Glad I don’t watch Disney Channel anymore. Couldn’t deal with you jits.

Grace Phipps used to go the school my sister’s went to and that I’m planning on auditioning for in a few months. I saw her perform as Rizzo in the school production of Grease. It’s so strange seeing her making it big … I’m not sure how to handle it. I’m happy for her, but it’s strange.

Okay, I’m just going to say that I am so jealous of you because she’s so flawless and she’d make a perfect Rizzo. If you have any videos, I’d love to see them and I’d buy you a cookie if you sent them to me. If not, I still love you.

I love Brack! Ross and Maia have amazing chemistry

Hey guys! School was crazy, so there was a lot of drama and homework, which is why I’ve been gone. Start sending in your confessions again!

I seriously wanna see Laura in TBM this would be so awesome!

Can we all just agree that Can’t Stop Singing is one of the best choreographed songs that Disney has used for a DCOM?